(1BBL-100BBL) Brewery Tanks

Product Details

Product description:

This (1BBL-100BBL) Brewery Tank is round and has a dished head and a conical bottom. It can be selected from pits, channels or corrugated cooling jackets. It can be welded or riveted by a cladding plate. This product is insulated with polyurethane foam. This product is made of 304 stainless steel. The water tank has an ultra-smooth 2R interior surface so it can be effectively cleaned. The stainless steel fittings of this (1BBL-100BBL) Brewery Tank have flawless seams that look and feel more like a bonded fabric seam than a traditional weld. Ultra-high quality welding keeps the residual product from containing spoilage organisms. (1BBL-100BBL) Brewery Tank's tapered bottom pocket allows for complete drainage, maximizing product yield and making cleaning easy. It provides optimum heat transfer and is insulated with 100mm non-chlorinated PU insulation. The inside of the outer casing and jacket are professionally passivated and coated with a chloride resistant coating to resist internal corrosion.


Capacity: 1BBL-100BBL(+25% Headspace minimum)


Pressure :Atmospheric

Accessories: butterfly valve 

Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4~0.6 μm without dead corner 

Inltet and outlet 

Four layer 

Thickness:2MM for exterior shell, 80mm rock wood for insulations ,steam jacket , 3mm for interior jacket