Home Brew Fermenter

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Product description:

The tapered base of this Home Brew Fermenter minimizes the contact of odorous yeast during fermentation and concentrates the yeast for clean transfer. The 304 stainless steel construction used in the production is more hygienic than plastic and safer than glass, so it is very suitable for use. It is polished in appearance so that the product is easy to clean and the display is excellent. Home Brew Fermenter's cooling coil, mounted on a chronic body without soldering, allows for cooling or heating. Its internal gallon and liter marks are electrically etched and therefore do not fade over time. This Home Brew Fermenter is the most common fermentation vessel. It can add yeast to the wort and carry out controlled fermentation. The fermentation time varies greatly depending on the beer style, yeast type and fermentation temperature.


Capacity:30l-100L(+25% Headspace minimum)


Pressure :Atmospheric

Accessories: butterfly valve 

Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4~0.6 μm without dead corner 

Inltet and outlet 

Jacketd or unjacketed 

Thickness:2MM for exterior shell, 80mm rock wood for insulations ,steam jacket , 3mm for interior jacket 

Mirror polished 

Conical bottom with tri-clamp top

Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom

CIP arm with 360° coverage CIP spraying ball