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wine fermenter


20L-200L brew house generally has different kinds:one vessel,two vessels..

One vessel brew house, with 2 fermenters and assorted cooling unit. 

This is a good choice for home brewers, with the function of movable and easy to operate etc. 

Two vessels brew house,with 3 fermenters and assorted cooling unit.

Detailed description:

Mash&boiling tank: Gross volume: 60L, effective volume: 50L, electric heating, wort pump and pipes. 

Fermenter: double layer and cooling jacket. 

With cooling unit assorted, to fit the requirement of  fermenters 

This is a kind of home brewery unit, which can be installed in kitchen or garage etc, used for hoppy brewers. 

Also bigger industry breweries can also use such 50L brewery for new recipe testing, which lowers the cost to use bigger brewery plant. 

It is portable, easy to move, and it is also a good choice for outside barbecue etc.

Product instruction´╝Ü

Beer Brewery Machine system Overview
(Can be customized )


Main Components

Trituration System

Malt Mill


Mash Tun, lauter tun, kettle, whirlpool

Fermentation unit

Fermentation tank

Brite tank

Cooling unit

Ice liquor tank


Cleaning unit

Acid tank


Sterilize water tank

Control unit

Touch screen

Control cabinet

CE certified electric fittings

Speed control

Temp display and control