Beer Brewing Equipment

Basic Info

Model NO.:FuyindiComposition:Beer Fermenting Equipment
Processing Material:Agronomic ProductsProcess:Ferment
Material SUS304 or Copper:Control System PLC Siemens or LG BrandTank Thickness 2-4mm:Heating Method Steam/Electric/Direct Fire Heatin
Plate Surface Mirror, Wire Drawing,:Insulation Layer PU or RockwoolFermenter Cone 60-75°:Cooling Jacket Miller Board or Ice Water Belt

 Mainly Products Range:

Home brewing equipment/home brew;

Pub/hotel/bar red copper beer equipment

Micro brewery equipment/mini brewery system

Restaurant & Barbecue beer brewing system;

Large beer factory equipment/industrial beer brewery equipment;

Beer making machine/beer machine

Conical beer fermentation tanks

We also produce laboratory brewery and designed for your special needs.



combi tanks, multifunctional tanks
integrated process piping
milled false bottoms
integrated pump system
including platform for combining the necessary vessels
Sanitary design:

polished internal tank surface and welds
easy and fast cleaning
User friendly:

versatile process with stage selection
master brew interface control system, manual control (pump on/off, temperature control, flow regulation)
45 - 60 minute knockout time

Output range: from 100L to 5000L per brew

Design: individual dedicated tank process (mash mixer, lauter, boil kettle, whirlpool, hot/cold water tanks) integrated process piping including platform for combining the necessary vessels integrated pump system milled false bottoms separated CRP for individual tanks and to prevent cross product interference

Sanitary design: polished internal tank surface and welds easy and fast cleaning.
User friendly: master brew interface control system, semi-automatic (pump on/off, temperature control, flow regulation) all systems can be engineered with client input for defined process

1000L Craft brewery introduce:

1000L beer brewery equipment is the best seller system, the turnkey system includes crushing system, mash system, heating system, fermenting system, cooling system and controlling system and so on, also we can provide you with filtering system and bottles/kegs filling line according to your requirements.

Main information:

Effective volume: 500L~5000L, 3BBL,7BBL,10BBL,15BBL,20BBL,30BBL
Heating method:Steam heating, more uniform heating around the bottom and side, and prevent the mash from caramelizing and sticking to the bottom of the vessel. good for taste and quality of beer
Material: Food and sanitary grade stainless steel 304/316
Guarantee: Main for three years, life long service

Brewhouse: To finish the mashing-lauter-boiling-whirlpool process
In brewing, mash is the process of combining a mix of milled grain and water, and heating this mixture. Mashing allows the enzymes in the malt to break down the starch in the grains into sugars. Mashing involves pauses at certain temperatures(notably 45-62-73ºC or 113-144-163ºF), and take place in a mash tun.

In brewing, lauter is the spearation from the grains.The fales bottom in the lauter tun has thin slits to hold back the solids and allow liquids to pass through.The mash it self functions as a sand filter to capture mash debris and proteins through recirculation, and sparging also take place in the lauter tank after the first wort run-off, trickling water through the grain to extract sugars.

After mashing, the beer wort is boiled with hops( and other flavourings if used). The boil on average lasts between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on its intensity, the hop addition schedule and volume of water the brewer expects to evaporate.

At the end of the boil, solid particles in the hopped wort are separated out in the whirlpool tank. The wort will be cooled through the plate heat exchanger into the fermenter tanks for fermentation.

These process can be done within one vessel or separate vessels, it's a variety of combinations.
Normally 2-vessel brewhouse, including lauter tank and kettle/whrilpool tank.
Standard feature:
Mash/lauter tank: used for mashingin, lauter, recirculation, and sparging.
*Stainless steel material 304/316
*Exterior thickness: 1.5~2.0mm
*Interior thickness:2.5mm~3.0mm
*Flange&dish head
*Polyurethane 80~100mm
*Rotary cleaning ball
*Recirculation with sight glass
*Coned bottom
*Raker knife with variable speed drive
*False bottom
*Ring of sparging
*Temperature senser
*Separate mash tun, lauter tank available

Kettle/whirlpool tank:used for boiling and whirlpool of the wort
*Stainless steel material 304/316
*Exterior thickness: 1.5~2.0mm
*Interior thickness:2.5mm~3.0mm
*Stainless steel heating jacket, both on the bottom and around the side
*Flange&dish head
*Spray cleaning ball
*Temperature senser
*Equip with agitator
*Condenser device
*Separate kettle, whirlpool tank

3-vessel: mash tun-lauter tank-kettle/whirlpool tank
               mash/kettle tank-lauter tank-whirlpool tank(combination  type optional)
4-vessel: mash tun-lauter tank-kettle-whirlpool tank

Hot water tank, Screw conveyer, Grist case optional
Process: mirro polishing, pure argon gas protecting welding, double face forming
Panel:Mirro/wire-drawing/2B optional

Product Description