Healthy mix of beer drinking

   Beer has become an indispensable drink in people’s lives. It is summer and most people like to drink cold beer. So, how to drink beer to be healthy? What is the best drinking and storage temperature for beer? Today, Xiaobian teaches everyone how to drink beer.

    Optimal storage temperature: cool place at room temperature

    It is best to store beer in the cool place under normal temperature. Care should be taken to avoid the sun and not freeze. The beer's freezing point is minus 1. 5 degrees. Not only does the frozen beer not taste good, but it also destroys the nutritional content of the beer and causes the protein in the liquor to break down and release. Whether it is glass bottles or canned beer, it is easy to cause injury due to sudden changes in temperature and explosions.

    Best drinking temperature: 10 degrees

    When the beer is around 10°C, the foam is the most abundant, both delicate and durable, and comfortable and refreshing. At this temperature, the aroma of the beer can be played normally. Excessively high or low temperatures have a certain influence on the taste of the beer. Too high a temperature will cause carbon dioxide to disappear. Too low a temperature will affect the aroma. The slightly cool beer should be the best taste. Usually, the temperature of the freezer is between 0 and 4 degrees. The beer that is taken out from the refrigerator can be left for a while at room temperature. It's best not to put ice cubes on beer, because beer itself is already very light, and putting ice cubes may affect the taste.

    Best taste: big mouth drink, 15 ml

    The best beer to drink more than 15 ml, should not drink slowly, should drink. If you drink less, warming the beer in the mouth will increase the bitterness, and you will not feel the unique flavor of beer.

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