How to maintain stainless steel water tank

How to maintain stainless steel water tank

Water tank stainless steel tank protection tips stainless steel is a popular new generation tank products, compared with other water tank, has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, in order to be more durable use, water is necessary to take good care of their own, but how to protect?

The steps are as follows: first close the inlet valve, then open the discharge valve, the water tank in the water left in the row clean by the ladder into the stainless steel water tank inside, with a clean mop or cloth into the water tank where the dirty places are cleaned, if dirt is serious, you can also buy some of that to to clean the dirt, and then water, just cleaning are washed clean, so repeated several times, and then close the drain, open the gate, turn on the water again. So the stainless steel tank is well protected.

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