How to use stainless steel water tank for emergency

How to use stainless steel water tank for emergency

Stainless steel water tanks can usually satisfy floor water supply, but the amount of water stored inside the fire water tank is very critical to the fire extinguishing work ten minutes before the fire broke out, so we should not underestimate this small water tank (though it looks a bit Not small). Fire-fighting water tanks are generally installed on the roof because the municipal water supply can not meet the internal fire protection system water supply and water pressure. Therefore, if the water inside the tank is empty at this time, it means that the fire fighting system has lost sufficient water supply. With water pressure, it was unable to carry out the fire extinguishing work. In the ten minutes after the fire occurred, it was a golden time for firefighting. If the fire can be controlled at this time, there is a good chance that it will not cause a great deal of damage.

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