Introduction of craft beer equipment

   Combination of mashing equipment: mashing pots, filter tanks, boilers, sedimentation tanks

   Configuration and description:

1, saccharification pot:

   Set a reasonable jacket and stirring device to ensure the temperature rise rate while creating conditions for the use of low-pressure steam and avoid coking

Large volume and wort boiling function to increase overall system efficiency

2, filter tank:

   Combined cultivating institution, cultivating grain effect is more ideal;

   Increase the diameter of the central cylinder, greatly improving the ploughing effect and the speed of drainage, and creating conditions for rapid and even pumping of mash and avoiding backflow of oxygen in the wort.

   Set a reasonable and more quantity of wort outlet that is in accordance with the principle of fluid mechanics to ensure that the wort is flowing through the canal collection loop of the canal so that the wort collection is faster and more even.

   The specially designed cultivator arm raises the spindle seal to prevent leakage and improve hygiene.

  Can be used as a saccharification pot to meet a variety of process requirements for craft beer

3, boil pot

   There is an internal heater, a jacket, and stirring. This design allows the boiler to be used as a gelatinizing pot or mashing pot to meet the special needs of the craft beer process; it is more advantageous for heating the low-temperature wort.

  Inner heater with wort forced circulation function

4, sedimentation tank

   Specially designed sedimentation tank bottom conforming to the settling characteristics of thermal coagulation, together with the specially designed thermal coagulation material collection area, can make the hot solidification material more compact, without flushing and discharging directly, avoiding hot congealed material mixing into wort when pumping wort

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