Purchase stainless steel water tank attention points

Purchase stainless steel water tank attention points

 1, pay attention to the material of the tank

       Stainless steel water tank is made of stainless steel plate, and stainless steel plate has a lot of types, in accordance with national standards, the production of stainless steel water tank (including solar water heater insulation tank) must use SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is commonly known as "food grade Stainless steel plate ", this steel plate with high nickel content, with a high degree of corrosion resistance, with the production of water tanks in general under the conditions of life in more than 20 years, and can meet the national drinking water health standards.

       Due to the reasons for market competition, coupled with the people can not distinguish the material of stainless steel, many small factories on the use of non-edible grade steel (such as decorative stainless steel plate 201) production of water tanks, the cost can be reduced by more than 50%, but the service life only Is a few years, the water quality is almost even a few weeks to corrode the water.

       2, pay attention to the thickness of steel plate

       The thickness of the stainless steel plate is millimeter, the general household water tank (2M3 below) is usually made of 0.4-0.5 mm thick steel plate, rarely used 1.0 mm above the steel plate. Some manufacturers in order to cheat the people to obtain illegal profits, unauthorized boast plate thickness, improve the customer's desire to buy, very immoral. Conditional customers can use the spiral micrometer to measure the thickness of the steel plate, or weigh the method of measurement, heavy plate weight to be heavier, weighing one kilogram will have nearly 50 yuan of material cost difference.

       3, pay attention to the capacity of the tank

       In accordance with industry habits, stainless steel water tank by the number of cubic meters to measure a cubic stainless steel tank can hold a ton of water, commonly known as a ton of water tank. Currently widespread on the market with small inflated fraud, a ton of water tanks are often only 400 kg of water, a far cry from.

       4, pay attention to after-sales service

       A good product must have a standard after-sales service and commitment to guarantee. In short, because customers can not be inside every industry, customers in the purchase of stainless steel installation tank, the best choice of regular manufacturers of products, or it seems cheap, and usually buy fake and shoddy three no products.

       Regular manufacturers of products generally have the following characteristics:

       (1) product manufacturing plant name, factory address, telephone and other signs complete.

       (2) a registered trademark.

       (3) There is product manual, warranty file.

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