Structure and composition of fermentation tank

Fermentation tanks are widely used in beverages, chemicals, food, dairy products, seasonings, wine, pharmaceutical and other industries, fermentation. Fermentation tank of composition parts including: tank body main used to training fermentation various bacteria body, sealed sex better (prevent bacteria body was pollution), tank body among has mixing pulp, for fermentation process among kept of mixing; bottom has ventilation of Sparger, used to pass into bacteria body growth by need of air or oxygen, tank body of top disc Shang has control sensor, most common of has pH electrode and DO electrode, used to monitoring fermentation process in the fermentation liquid pH and DO of changes; controller used to displayed and control fermentation conditions. According to the fermenter equipment is divided into mechanical mixing air blow tank and non-mechanical stirring fermentation tank with ventilation; based on the growth and metabolism of microorganisms need to be divided into aerobic fermentation tanks and irrigation of anaerobic fermentation.