The concept of craft beer

     The so-called craft beer, the world is not yet defined, only the concept is a business concept. Our company's concept of craft beer is as follows:

1. The raw malt, hops, yeast, and water used for brewing craft beer are excellent, and it is a beer brewed with whole malt, following the "pure brewing method" of German beer brewing;

2. The craft of brewing craft beer must be elaborately brewed, and a good senior winemaker is required to create the craft and personally operate it;

3, brewing craft beer should have a good set of equipment, including saccharification, fermentation, cleaning and necessary laboratory equipment;

4. The craft beer should pay attention to the safety and hygiene of raw materials, the safety and hygiene of the craftsmanship, and the safety and hygiene of the beer. It is the quality assurance of the craft beer.

5. The craft beer must have beer culture support. The spread and promotion of beer culture can increase the quality and connotation of beer.

6, craft beer should be brewing more fancy variety of high-level beer, its taste is the most important, there must be beer characteristics and personality, different from the beer produced by large industries;

7. The safety of the full set of equipment for craft beer is also one of the requirements of the brewing industry. Safe brewing of beer is a must;

8, craft beer brewery to create high-quality, multi-flower variety, multi-flavor style of beer, personalized beer is the soul of craft beer.

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