Turkish popular home-brewed beer

    Due to rising beer prices and low cost of making breweries, beer enthusiasts in Turkey are increasingly inclined to brew their own beer.

    According to the law passed by Turkey in 2009, each family can be allowed to brew up to 350 liters of beer each year, but the brewed beer is prohibited for sale. There are currently 50,000 Internet users participating in the discussion of home-brewed wine on the Turkish social platform.

    Apac and Ozkan have been engaged in home-brewing for more than five years. They have transformed the basement of the office into a kitchen for winemaking, and placed equipment such as fermenters.

    According to Ozkan, the entire brewing process of beer takes about three weeks. Apak said that their own wine is mainly to brewing and tasting different flavors of beer, the type of beer currently available on the market is very limited.

     Barcela Kurka of Istanbul’s Independent Street said that beer is widely welcomed by Turkish young people. Now every six months it is necessary to increase the alcohol tax and increase the financial burden on young people. In Kolcha's bar, the price of 50 ml draught beer is about 3 US dollars (about 19 yuan), and in some neighborhoods the price may even rise to 5 US dollars (about 32 yuan).

     “Because of the price increase, people are now more willing to make wine at home instead of spending at the bar,” Kurcha said.

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