What are the characteristics of a beer fermenter?

What are the characteristics of a beer fermenter?

In the flocculation of yeast, the yeast cell density increased at the bottom of the tank, causing fermentation speed, the amount of carbon dioxide produced during fermentation increased, at the same time due to static pressure of liquid column height of liquid fermentation, also make the carbon dioxide content in gradient change with liquid layer changes, so the tank fermentation liquid density of gradient in addition, due to changes in vitro conical tank is provided with a heat insulation device, can be artificially controlled fermentation temperature in stages. Temperature cooling produced in releasing effect of static pressure difference and fermentation liquid density difference, carbon dioxide and the upper part of the tank (1 to 2 DEG C) the driving force under the action of the tank fermentation liquid had a strong natural convection, enhanced yeast and fermentation liquid contact, promote the metabolism of yeast, the beer fermentation speed greatly accelerated beer, fermentation cycle was shortened. In addition, because of the increase of inoculation temperature, fermentation temperature, diacetyl reduction temperature and yeast inoculation quantity also can accelerate the speed of fermentation of yeast, which is capable of fast fermentation.

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