What are the features of stainless steel tanks​?

What are the features of stainless steel tanks?

1, stainless steel water tank is generally made of SUS304 stainless steel sheet, the physical and chemical properties of stability, no pollution to the water quality, to ensure clean water quality;

2 、 stainless steel water tank stamping forming, high strength, light weight, clean appearance, beautiful and elegant;

3, the water tank board generally uses high nickel more than 8 3042B board, the surface is smooth and beautiful, easy to clean;

4, because of the surface of the dense oxide layer, superior corrosion resistance, good sealing performance;

5, shock resistance, seismic performance;

6, and other types of water tank contrast.

Excellent selection of high-quality: high quality food grade stainless steel SUS304, greatly extend the service life of the water tank, and can better prevent the two pollution of water quality.

The structure is unique and reasonable: the high strength stamping plate and the stainless steel pulling bars are evenly distributed in the box, so that the pressure of the box body is even and reasonable.

Construction is convenient and quick: standard stamping plate 1000 * 1000, 1000 * 500, 500 * 500mm assembly at random, on-site assembly welding, without lifting equipment.

The cabinet is light and beautiful: the high quality stamping process guarantees the maximum pressure requirement of the box body, reduces the material thickness and meets the aesthetic and practical requirements of the cabinet.

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