What are the strengthening methods for stainless steel tanks

What are the strengthening methods for stainless steel tanks?

Under strong load, the steel of the stainless steel tank has a large deformation, which means that the thickness of the stainless steel tank structure will be increased in the design of rigidity. The increase of thickness not only brings difficulties to the forming process of stainless steel storage tanks, but also significantly increases the production cost. This problem is quite outstanding in the design of stainless steel tanks. How to better strengthen the stainless steel tank, here briefly introduces several methods:

1. stiffening ring

Using reinforcement is one of the effective ways to solve the dilemma. The strengthening can be arranged in the outer part of the cylinder and the tank body, but it is obviously better in the cylinder and the inner part of the tank, regardless of the beauty or the strength.

2. saddle support

The stainless steel storage tank should be supported for bearing and fixing. Most of the small and medium sized stainless steel tanks adopt two saddle shaped bearings, and the function is the same as that of the lifting and extending beams. But in the contact part with stainless steel storage tank, the support also plays the role of cylindrical shell, where the stress increases obviously, the design should be based on the formula and chart to consider the strengthening ring settings.

3. head

The heads of stainless steel tanks are hemispherical, semi ellipsoid and saucer shaped. Under ordinary circumstances, for the convenience of construction, the barrel body and the head can be molded separately, until a certain thickness and then connected to the whole paste system. Because of the change of the curvature of the outer diameter of the connection, the stress should be added when the reinforcement is eliminated.

The above three methods are the most effective and simple way to solve the problem of strengthening stainless steel tanks. Strengthening stainless steel tanks can help prolong the use time of stainless steel tanks.

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