What is the cause of water yellowing in stainless steel tanks

What is the cause of water yellowing in stainless steel tanks?

1. It is very likely that the stainless steel water tank you use is 201. This 201 stainless steel material is a material with poor corrosion resistance, so it is very likely that the inside of your roof tank has rusted and you need to replace or repair it. .

        2. If the internal water pipe of the building is made of iron, then it is very likely that the interior has rusted. It is suggested that everyone should replace the water pipe with a new type of PVC or other materials. The iron pipe is easier to rust. of.

        3. It may also be that the installation position of the inlet and outlet of the stainless steel water tank is not caused by stagnant water circulating in the water tank which cannot lead to normal circulation.

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