What is the difference between single and double sided welding of stainless steel tank equipment?

What is the difference between single and double sided welding of stainless steel tank equipment?

The stainless steel tank equipment needs to be welded at the joint of the plate when it is made. Welding stainless steel tanks with single side welding and double side welding for two kinds of welding methods, there are different views, some people think that the welding effect is actually better than double welding, some double welding equipment because the thickness is too large, not easy to make one side welding with double-sided welding, there are people think better than single side welding and double welding, one side welding double welding as solid and beautiful.

What are the differences between single and double sided welding?

1, the deformation of one side welding is larger than that of double side welding;

2, one side welding, the appearance of the back seam weld can not be effectively controlled, and the majority of the double-sided welding has dorsal root cleaning, which can better control the quality of the weld;

3, the plate center layer of grains are coarse, the strength is slightly lower than the surface of the plate, the back side of double welding welding, it is positive to temper bead, can make better (blunt edge section of the heat affected zone and fusion line is the center of the coarse grain layer) metal grain refinement, but also be able to release part of the weld welding stress;

4, thick plate: double sided groove, first of all, relative to the single side groove, more save welding materials. Secondly, the appearance of the weld surface directly affects the stress distribution of the weld.

The welding process of stainless steel tank is an important process on the tank production line, and it has its own characteristics whether it is single side welding or double side welding. According to the actual situation to choose the appropriate welding process, suitable welding process is tank equipment quality assurance.

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