What's the stainless steel water tank?

What's the stainless steel water tank?

Stainless steel water tank is mainly used to store water equipment, so the general case is only the best advocate living water, can also install some other solvents, but do not put some liquid alkaline and acid content is large, such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, is not acceptable. Some people will habitually put some debris on the top of the tank, but these are bad, and don't let the children knock or paint outside the water tank. Some maintenance personnel should regularly observe the tank, if any problems should be timely feedback to manufacturers. And don't often open the lid into the water, will pollute the water, do not think that the stainless steel water tank not long moss does not pollute the water quality you will not go to clean, this is not enough, a year or the timing to cleaning, fire.

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