Who has a longer shelf life for fresh and cooked beer?

    The so-called fresh beer (beer beer) is a fermented beer that has not been pasteurized and does not kill the contained yeast. This kind of beer has a fresh taste, so it is called fresh beer. In foreign countries, beer drinkers generally like to drink fresh beer, which is also popular in China. As fresh beer is not sterilized, it cannot be stored for a long period of time. The general storage period for skipping or bottled fresh beer is 3 days. The general storage period for bottled fresh beer is 7 days, so it can only be sold locally.

    The so-called cooked beer (also known as lager beer or stored beer), is the bottled beer by pasteurization method, killing the yeast. This kind of beer is more resistant to preservation. The product standard has a shelf life of 10 degrees for 50 days, 11 degrees and 12 degrees for 60 days, and high quality beer for 120 days. It is worth noting that the flavor and nutrition of cooked beer is not as good as that of fresh beer.

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