King Kong Stainless Steel Water Tank

King Kong Stainless Steel Water Tank
Product Details

Product description:

This King Kong Stainless Steel Water Tank can be used as a liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank, water storage tank, so it is very practical and versatile. It is suitable for food, dairy, juice, medicine, chemical and bioengineering. It is designed according to hygienic requirements, highly humanized structure design, easy to store and very hygienic. King Kong Stainless Steel Water Tank's inner surface of the tank is mirror-polished (roughness Ra (including 0.4 m or less), smooth and easy to clean, no blind angle to ensure the reliability and stability of the production process. King Kong Stainless Steel Water Tank has been treated with internal polishing and external polishing.

Product specifications:

Material: SS304/SS316

Insulation layer:  customized

Thickness:  we can make it according to your requirement.


1.adjusting feet

2.sample valve

3.temperature gauge

4.pressure gauge

5.level gauge

6. Ladder (According to customer requirements). 
7. Liquid level meter and level controller (According to customer requirements). 
8. Eddy-proof board.

9. Quick open manhole. 

10. Various types of CIP cleaners. 
11. Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover.

Voltage:   220V, 380V or by your order

Application scope: water, beverage, alcohol

Capacity: 1-20 liter