Characteristics Of Small Beer Brewing Equipment

  Characteristics of small beer brewing equipment

  Small beer brewing equipment is also equipped. Almost including the brewery in the production of all equipment, mainly including the following systems, raw material crushing system, saccharification system, wort cooling system, fermentation system, beer filtration system, washing bottle filling gland sterilization system, electrical and automatic control system, refrigeration system. Because the specific use of different purposes, the user can be based on their specific needs to choose the configuration, small beer production line of various departments of equipment configuration also has a corresponding change. Even if the purpose, because each user on the production line of the specific process parameters, automatic control degree, design, overall budget, installation conditions, and so different.

  Small-scale test equipment: Mainly used in brewery, malt plant, hop factory, research institutes and other units, more for beer new technology, new technology, raw material quality testing or beer new varieties of research and development. The scale of the production of hot wort per batch 100 liters, 500 liters mainly. Because of the differences in the processes of each unit equipment configuration is not the same, so the small-scale test equipment to maximize the simulation of large-scale production equipment, so that the test can be a guide to large-scale production, and some process parameters, such as stirring speed, pump frequency can be adjusted, so that the production process parameters change test.

  Small test equipment is not only for testing, but also a window to show the enterprise. Overall equipment and piping layout elegant, easy to operate, safe, the pipeline between the use of health-grade connection, disassembly, assembly, movement is very convenient. The main equipment level adjustable, stable performance, no running, run, drop, leak, no steam leakage. Have a perfect automatic cleaning system, equipment cleaning convenient and thorough. Equipment and piping layout No dead end, the use of acid and alkali, high temperature resistance. All plates, pipes, pipe fittings, valves are used in sanitary products, with wheat juice, beer, detergent, softened water contact containers, pipelines, pipe fittings, valves are used stainless steel materials. The washers for quick connectors shall be all PTFE materials. Fine equipment processing, welding accuracy to achieve health standards, internal use of mirror polishing, external use of stainless steel parabolic processing. This equipment to test data accuracy requirements, automatic control is also high, the entire equipment of the detection components, such as liquid, temperature, pressure and other imported components, to ensure the high reliability of data collection. The entire equipment can realize automation operation, the configuration is quite complete, the cost is higher.