2017 Wine Equipment And Technology Exhibition

2017 Brewing Equipment & Technology (Brewing Equipment & Technology) will be held June 6,2017 in the United Kingdom during the Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center,is a professional wine equipment and technology event.In 2016 the exhibition attracted more than 700 industry experts to attend. Second,the exhibition will feature a wide range of characteristics of the region,in this region, brewers can find inspiration, get practical advice,the exhibition will be a unique feature of the exhibition,the exhibition will be gathered from the global suppliers,Learn about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the winemaking industry.

In addition,Brewing Equipment & Technology is an exchange trade show in 2017 where you can meet with winemakers from all over the world in such a commercial setting.This exhibition will attract those who are engaged in or about to enter the wine industry people.In conjunction with the Brewers 'Guardian and Brewery Manual,the organizers will focus on the following four topics.The seminar will be held in conjunction with Brewers' Guardian and Brewery Manual.

Maximize the use of social media,create a brand portfolio,identify new ways to develop the market and support entrepreneurship.Whether for exhibitors or for visitors,this exhibition is a must not miss the fine brewed feast.

Market introduction:

Britain is one of the globalized countries,according to the latest survey, the United Kingdom ranked fourth in the global index. Since 1973, Britain has officially become a member of the European Union. In recent years, the UK economy is experiencing the longest sustained period of growth in more than 150 years, and has grown every quarter since 1992. The inflation rate, interest rates, and unemployment rates have all remained low, making the UK one of the strongest economies in the European Union.

In addition,the British love of beer also makes the wine industry in the UK has been rapid development.According to statistics,the British annual consumption of British-made barrels of beer to 634,000,000 pints last year, Britain has 170 new wineries opened,each year about 18,800 different British-made beer was developed,the British beer in the sale 82% are produced in the United Kingdom.These data are sufficient to prove that the wine industry in the UK has a huge space for development,and wine equipment and technology is the development of this huge space in the core of the force.

Exhibition area

1.brewing equipment:fermentation equipment,nitrogen equipment,transfer equipment,distillation equipment,brewery equipment,transportation systems;heat exchanger,centrifugal separator,cooling system;pipe fittings,valves,pumps and other beer barrels and accessories.

Cleaning equipment,bottle washing machine,CIP cleaning system,glass equipment,mixer;bottles and other containers,bottle opener,hoses,water treatment equipment,water treatment equipment,filter boxes and other filtration equipment,clarifying agent;/Hose beer/fixture/nozzle,bottling and canned production lines.

2.Packaging equipment:label/packaging design,labeling machines,packing machines,compression and packaging equipment,all kinds of packaging machines,foil (bottleneck)

3.Control systems,quality control equipment;detection systems,measuring instruments,metering equipment,temperature and pressure meters;evaluation systems,analytical equipment,automation systems.

4.Brewery consulting and education,laboratory equipment services and training;financial and financial services,etc.

5.Bio-system,hop products,malt and its processing equipment, saccharification equipment,beer enzyme,yeast treatment.