Present Situation Of Small Beer Brewing Equipment In China

  Present situation of small beer brewing equipment in China

  Small-scale test equipment: small-scale test equipment used in the brewery has been very popular, as of the spring of 2004, the first 20 of our annual production of large beer company more than half have been used.

  Home Brew Equipment: In 1998, a person bought a whole set of homemade beer equipment for illegal business purposes. Now domestic family wine less, Europe and the United States more, there are professional shops, websites, clubs to organize regular brewing activities and competitions.

  The development direction and requirements of small beer brewing equipment need to be in the brewing process and manufacturing quality of continuous pursuit of breakthroughs. such as continuous introduction of new technology to design, the realization of simulation functions, maintain the advanced, small beer brewing equipment urgently needed to improve the level of automatic control and on-line detection, truly "small and refined" in order to be able to conduct a more deep research and test; supplier should be a long-term service capacity of professional manufacturers, pressure vessel production qualification, has a certain scale, can continue to provide maintenance, warranty, renovation and transformation services; Small beer brewing equipment should also pay attention to environmental health and environmental protection, to the one-machine multi-purpose direction development, Many kinds of beer can be brewed and experimented.