Analysis Of The Characteristics And Application Scope Of The Stainless Steel Square Water Tank

Analysis of the characteristics and application scope of the stainless steel square water tank

The stainless steel square water tank is a new generation of water tank product after the glass fiber reinforced plastic tank. Its products are molded by SUS304 stainless steel plate and molded by Seiko, with beautiful appearance, economy and practicality, and the main body is not bad for a long time. Compared with other water tanks, the stainless steel water tank has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, clean water quality, impervious, anti-seismic, and never lichen. Water quality has no two time pollution, easy installation, no need for maintenance, easy to clean and many other advantages.

Product features

Never leak: unique structure design, all welded, high strength, and bolt structure is different, eliminates the seal strip, does not appear the phenomenon of water leakage and seal is not strict. Beautiful appearance: smooth lines, perfect design, the whole water tank is like a handicraft, making your building more beautiful.

Scope of application

In industrial and civil buildings, water supply, such as cold water, hot water, medium water, fire water and so on, is used as a system expansion condensate. Raw water tank, the middle water, clean water tank water treatment industry, sewage treatment tank environmental protection equipment. The food and beverage, medicine, chemical industry to the reservoir, water tank, water tank insulation of the boiler industry

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