Basic Structure Of Miniature Brewery Equipmens

Basic structure of miniature Brewery Equipmens

Beer is one of the most popular wine products, hot summer, beer sales market, more and more large and small businesses to change the traditional purchase of finished beer marketing ideas, to buy their own beer brewing equipment, the purpose is to brew fresh and delicious, authentic, pure aromatic characteristics of beer. These hotels, beer houses, restaurants generally buy micro-Brewery Equipmens, then the micro-Brewery Equipmens is exactly what kind of structure? What problems do you need to pay attention to during use? Here is a brief description of the basic structure of the miniature Brewery Equipmens.

Basic structure of miniature Brewery Equipmens

1. Combined Saccharification System

The Saccharification combination system grinder and plate heat exchanger in the miniature Brewery Equipmens comprises a saccharification boiling pot and a filter groove two structure, which realizes the whole saccharification process from malt smashing to wort characterization, and after repeated crushing and wort characterization, fermented wort. At present, the market reputation of a good micro-Brewery Equipmens for the manufacture of stainless steel, the shape can be based on the buyer's special needs to package decoration, the selection of materials for the packaging of copper plate, oak and so on, these outer package materials to have a certain degree of insulation performance.

2. Fermented wine equipment

The miniature Brewery Equipmens is generally provided with a conical fermentation tank, which is the whole brewing process to complete wort fermentation to fresh beer. The fermentation tank is made of stainless steel and has high performance of heat preservation. The outside of the fermented liquor equipment is provided with a cooling zone, which is used for cooling the beer, and the temperature of the brewing product can be controlled according to the process requirement.

3. Refrigeration, liquor storage equipment

Beer is a low-temperature fermentation products, the production process needs to absorb a certain amount of heat, so cost-effective micro-Brewery Equipmens is the most important technology is to control the temperature. The refrigeration and storage equipment of the miniature Brewery Equipmens can cool down and cool down the fermented product, and realize the low temperature storage.

4. Distribution and control system

The distribution and control system of micro-Brewery Equipmens is mainly responsible for the control of power distribution to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

At present, the micro-Brewery Equipmens in the domestic market has the same basic construction principle, similar performance, strengths, and the United States and Germany imported equipment in the processing means and supporting systems in the lead, domestic equipment in the price, installation and commissioning, after-sales service advantage, which requires you according to their special needs carefully selected.