Beer Brewing Equipment Brewing Common Types Of Precipitation, Nature And Causes

  Beer Brewing Equipment brewing common types of precipitation, nature and causes

  White needle-like precipitate

  In the wine was white needle-like precipitation of crystals, reflective, with the temperature change is small, insoluble in alcohol, Beer Brewing Equipment soluble in water, shaking is not easy to disappear, the packaging was not generated, is slowly gathered over time to produce. It is generally believed that the precipitate is composed of organic matter and inorganic salts, which are produced by the addition of calcium, magnesium ions and organic anions and inorganic anions in the liquor. The process may be: Ca2 +, Mg2 + → salt molecules → nuclei → crystal (saturated precipitation), and adsorption of other substances in wine, such as esters, after a certain period of time and under certain conditions for the performance of the mixture precipitation. White needle-like precipitate formation of the speed, the amount of how much with the temperature, ion concentration and other factors are closely related to different flavor, different liquor formation of white needle-like precipitation is also different.

  White wine equipment brewed liquor white flocculent precipitate

  Like flocculent, structural instability, Beer Brewing Equipment and more suspended in the wine is divided into two categories.

  Soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water

  The temperature dropped to 0 ° below the produce, shaking after the bubble, lost light, the wine will rise and become clear and transparent, add water turbidity plus poly, is a soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acid, water white flocculent precipitation. The reason for this type of precipitation is relatively simple, that is commonly referred to as the three major esters in the wine: ethyl palmitate, ethyl oleate, ethyl linoleate, Beer Brewing Equipment if the addition of pulp after poor adsorption, To a certain amount, it is possible in the shelf life with the temperature drop and precipitation, the formation of white flocculent precipitation.

  Soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol

  Shaking that is scattered, the wine is not turbid, without losing the light, the temperature drop precipitation does not add poly, the temperature rise precipitation addition polymerization, precipitation is not soluble in alcohol and soluble in water. Precipitation is more complex due to the fact that it is:

  White block, gray precipitate

  Sink in the bottom of the bottle, white or light gray block particles, shake after the precipitation becomes smaller, after a few days and then back to the original, such precipitation does not change with temperature, alcohol, pH changes, Beer Brewing Equipment physical and chemical properties are relatively stable, Qualitative and quantitative are more difficult, only from the process to determine. We believe that such precipitation is not a matter of wine, may be packaging or other auxiliary substances (such as resin, etc.), a plant had such a precipitation phenomenon: packaging wine in the Treasury without precipitation, but through hundreds of kilometers After the transport took place almost every bottle of wine has a white block, gray-like precipitation. After investigation, the original is the glass bottleneck with the plant is very short, the process of washing wine rinse the bottle inside the plug, due to the poor quality of the bottle stopper, resulting in shedding scattered in the wine caused by precipitation, the author also made a test : With wine to soak the different quality of the inner plug, shaking on the oscillator 8h, found that poor quality of the inner plug produced a white block precipitation.

  Oily floats

  Floating in the wine on the surface, was oil-like, shaking oil droplets become smaller and smaller, placed for some time and then restitution, especially in the winter when the temperature is very easy to happen. The oil was extracted by adding alcohol to dissolve the oily floats. The chromatographic analysis showed that the ethyl acetate, ethyl linoleate and ethyl palmitate were significantly higher than those of the control wine. Beer Brewing Equipment In addition, ethyl caproate, ethyl octanoate, Esters are also higher, indicating that oily floating material is based on the main material of the material. Oily floating substances in the Maotai liquor is more likely to produce, Luzhou, less fragrant wine, the process if the activated carbon adsorption effect is not good, seasoning wine quality, the amount of unreasonable and so may lead to produce.

  Other precipitates

  In addition to the above several kinds of more prone to several major precipitation, there are such as filaments, red, yellow particles, gray and black sticky precipitates, these precipitates are mainly caused by the bottle is not clean, cap, bottle broken , Resin broken, gelatinous food tube used for a long time with the dissolved material mixed with wine and so on. Of course, the type of precipitation is more than that, Beer Brewing Equipment the resulting mechanism is also more complex, and some precipitation is a mixture, it is likely that a variety of factors caused by the superposition.