Beer Brewing Equipment Brewing The Specific Method

  Beer Brewing Equipment brewing the specific method.

  1. The specific method of wine selection of the fermentation site, the best choice Dongnuanxialiang room, according to their own investment and the number of sales to choose the size of the house, ready to use the fermentation tank or cement pool and other containers.

  2. Wine pot choice: first select the stainless steel equipment, according to their own planned production, each steaming how many kilograms of liquor sets of equipment, Beer Brewing Equipment can be customized with the production unit you need to use the specifications, the general specifications of each wine 50 kg, 100 pounds, 200 pounds, 400 pounds -500 kg, 800 pounds ranging from the choice of solid-liquid dual-use distiller. The distiller can use coal, firewood, rice husk, biogas, natural gas, gas and other heat sources. To choose energy-saving, the condenser heat transfer area to be large, to ensure that the wine temperature is room temperature.

  3. Brewing raw materials: raw wine is the raw material of wine does not need to steam, directly with raw materials will be able to starch into sugar, and then converted to ethanol. Beer Brewing Equipment As long as the material containing starch or sugar-containing substances can be converted into ethanol that is edible alcohol. In addition to rice, other food needs to be crushed. If you want to use raw raw materials to brew liquor taste good, must be with a good wine raw materials. Sorghum wine wine, but less wine. Rice is more, but not enough. Corn is second only to rice. But the small winery because there is no embryo machinery, so the wine has the taste of corn. Wheat brewed wine for the public taste, but limited by resources, barley brewing taste is very good, so with a good wine raw materials is the key, Beer Brewing Equipment generally according to the local food and local people with appropriate taste, such as: ① rice (also available broken M) 80-90%, sorghum 10-20% (sorghum to be crushed) ② 10% of corn, 10% of sorghum, 30% of wheat, 20% of barley, 30% of rice. I introduced here with the food can improve the quality of wine, not that a single food can not be wine.

  4. The choice and use of wine song: good wine not only can starch into white wine, but also generate a variety of fragrant substances, brewing wine mellow, raw material less flavor, because the raw material is to strengthen the song can be born Material into white wine, then used for clinker is also possible, Beer Brewing Equipment and the high rate of liquor, fermentation fast. Raw materials used in the amount of 0.6-0.8%. Indoor temperature 20-38 degrees can be fermented wine. The optimum temperature is 25-35 degrees. High temperature summer summer indoor temperature does not exceed 42 degrees can also be normal fermentation. The longer the fermentation time, the more wine brewed. The speed of fermentation and temperature related to the temperature of 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, Beer Brewing Equipment the faster fermentation, the more fragrant wine. On the contrary, the lower the temperature, the slower the fermentation, the worse the wine.