Beer Brewing EquipmentStable Performance

Beer equipment, as the name suggests, is used to brew beer equipment. There are two main brewing equipment - brewing room temperature beer equipment and brewing low-temperature beer equipment. The main difference is that one is in a low temperature environment, one is at room temperature.

1, low-temperature brewing equipment all made of stainless steel or luxury wooden plate finishing. Internal use of mirror polishing, the external use of stainless steel polishing bright or drawing board.

2, the overall equipment and pipeline layout nice, simple and elegant appearance. Equipment between the pipes using sanitary connections, disassembly, assembly, mobile easy and flexible to ensure that the equipment is easy to operate, safe.

3, the main equipment level adjustable, stable performance, at the same time with a sound automatic cleaning system, cleaning convenience, thorough, no residue, to ensure brewing quality.

4, the main equipment welding precision to health standards, all with wort, beer, cleaning agents, pipes, fittings, valves are using stainless steel materials to ensure the health and health of the products.

5, in order to meet the needs of different business premises, there are Nissan 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L. Different grades of brewing equipment, different equipment covers an area of about 7 to 100 square meters.

Beer equipment basic principles: the malt and rice were crushed by the crusher to saccharification manipulation for the degree of crushing, and then crushed malt and starch into the warm water were gelatinized, and then adjust the temperature. Starch into the saccharification pot, the temperature maintained at 45-52 degrees Celsius suitable for protein decomposition. The crushed malt into the gelatinization pot for liquefaction, to maintain the 62-70 degrees is suitable for saccharification, the manufacture of wheat mash. And then the leaching method or the cooking method makes the wheat mash temperature rise. And then filtered out of the wort, boiled into the boiling pot, and add the hops into a certain concentration, into the cyclone sedimentation tank separation of hot coagulation, clarified wort into the cooler cooled to 5 ~ 8 ℃. Fermentation: After cooling the wort, add yeast to the fermentation tank or the cylindrical cone bottom fermentor for fermentation, cool with a coil or jacket and control the temperature.

Beer fermentation process is the beer yeast under certain conditions, the use of wort fermentable substances in the normal life activities, the metabolic product is the desired product - beer. Due to the different types of yeast, fermentation conditions and product requirements, different flavors, the way the fermentation is not the same. According to the different types of yeast fermentation can be divided into beer above the beer and the following fermentation of beer.