Beer Fermentor Cooling Form And Cooling Area

  Beer Fermentor Cooling Form and Cooling Area

  Beer fermentation is low temperature fermentation, the fermentation process must be timely discharge of the heat,Beer Fermentor the fermentation broth down to the process requirements. Although the fermentation process is varied, the fermentation process has four stages:

  1. After inoculation, the temperature is raised to the diacetyl reduction temperature. This section of hypoglycemic, resulting in a part of the heat to be drained, the other part of its own temperature. 1kg sugar fermentation will produce 587 heat resistance.

  2. Constant temperature stage. The heat generated by the hypoglycemia is completely drained.

  3. After the diacetylation is completely reduced, it is rapidly cooled to the post-fermentation temperature. At this time in addition to hypoglycemic need cold,Beer Fermentor while cooling requires more energy. Specifically, the diacetyl reduction to 0.2mg / L, 72h down to a l ~ 2 ℃.

  4. After the fermentation stage, a small amount of sugar to be decomposed to produce heat.

  Four units in the unit time to the maximum cooling capacity is C, usually calculate the cooling capacity and cooling area to this paragraph that 72h shall prevail. Refrigerant mainly ammonia and ethanol water. Although the direct evaporation of ammonia for beer fermentation tank has been popular in foreign countries,Beer Fermentor it itself has the advantage of reducing the low cost of running energy consumption, but because of its manufacturing test difficulty and the corresponding level of control and other reasons, the current domestic only a small number of well- Most manufacturers still choose a 3 ~ 4 ℃ ethanol as a refrigerant. Since the hypoglycemia is reduced during the cooling process, the bubble motion that produces C02 reduces the thermal conductivity. For large diameter tanks, especially diameter greater than 5m or volume greater than 300m3, the use of ethanol as a refrigerant cooling has increased a lot of difficulty. In order to achieve the corresponding higher thermal conductivity coefficient must be increased in the jacket in the refrigerant flow rate, and therefore improve energy consumption, so the ethanol to the refrigerant as a large beer fermentation tank should not be used.

  According to the experience, ethanol water as a refrigerant when the cooling area is generally 80 ~ 120m2 (130m2) cold wort. For ammonia cooling area is half the value. Fermentation process requires the faster the cooling rate,Beer Fermentor the need for cooling capacity and cooling area is also larger, the corresponding investment will be higher, the cooling form is usually used 3 to 4 cooling, cylinder 2 or 3, cone 1 or no. Each section of the cooling area of the total cooling area is generally: the top 20%, 25% of the middle section, the next 50%, cone 5%.