Brewery Equipmens Wine Four Raw Materials

Brewery Equipmens is used to produce Brewery Equipmens can be divided into brewing Brewery Equipmens, micro Brewery Equipmens, small Brewery Equipmens, but the Brewery Equipmens in the brewing process must use the four raw materials what? Here we come together to understand The

Brewery Equipmens of the four raw materials: malt, hops, yeast, water. General malt is the use of high quality Australian, North American, European barley malt; hops function is to give beer flavor and refreshing bitter taste, Stability, and wort azeotropes can promote protein coagulation, is conducive to clarification, enhance the protection of wort and beer, high-quality hops extract into the wort, and enhance the unique flavor of beer and mellow; Water is more than 90% of the ingredients of the beer is water, water in the process of brewing beer plays a very important role in the brewing process, the yeast is a magician, is the soul of fermentation, Brewery Equipmens it is malt and rice in the sugar Fermented into beer, produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and other micro-fermentation products. High-quality raw materials to ensure that the beer refreshing mellow.

Beer is a wine containing low alcohol and carbon dioxide, which is made from saccharification and fermentation, and the quality of these raw materials determines the quality of the beer produced. The characteristics of raw materials and its impact on the process, is the processing of its premise, Brewery Equipmens the only way to be targeted to process control.