Brewery EquipmensHow To Maintain

Just like taking care of your lover, a new brew of brewing equipment also need careful care and careful maintenance. think about it? If you pay attention to protect your brewing equipment during the week's brewing process, she will be obedient and not strike; on the contrary, you drive her every day as a donkey horse, if she is not willing to do you have to replace her, this is not worth When the. Moreover, brewing beer equipment is good or bad, but also a direct impact on the quality of beer brewing and taste. In addition, the use of brewed beer equipment, summed up the following 13 note, although not much, but very practical!

1. Self-brewing equipment is strictly prohibited to use Cl-containing detergent or disinfectant.

2. Brewing equipment for a long time do not, please disable the equipment before the complete cleaning again, until the net flow, the closure of the valve. In addition, brewing equipment for a long time after the re-use, please equipment thoroughly cleaned, can be cleaned several times.

3. Brewing equipment to regularly check the motor, pump wiring and grounding, to ensure correct wiring. Check the gear motor and hydraulic device oil level, stirring the motor according to the instructions regularly add lubricating oil. Regularly check the mixing, whether the joints are fastened. The use of the pump shall not be idle, reverse, and found that the pump should be timely replacement of the pump seal.

4. Always check whether there is any foreign matter in the crusher hopper, check whether the fasteners on the pulverizer are loose and the elasticity of the pulley drive belt and the reliability of the safety guards. Regularly clean the pulverizer.

5. Always check the steam heating equipment, the pressure gauge, safety valve is normal, and to ensure that the trap is clear; less than the required level, remember not to open the heating! Equipment operation, steam, wort and other high-temperature pipelines and saccharification equipment should be hung at the top of the warning signs to prevent burns.

6. When the filter to prohibit large flow of wort, damage sieve plate. When the equipment is not used, the weight of the sieve shall not be released above, so as to avoid deformation of the sieve plate. When the equipment is running, ensure that the mechanical parts are running smoothly.

7. Check the plate heat exchanger at any time there is leakage, leakage, string liquid phenomenon, if there should be immediately overhaul.

8. Always pay attention to alkaline water tank concentration, if found that the concentration of alkaline water is too low or too turbid, can not be used for washing should be replaced.

9. Check the valve at any time, if found to have leaks should be promptly repaired or replaced.

10. Always check the instrument indication on the switchboard. Use the mercury (or alcohol) thermometer to calibrate the temperature for temperature correction of the digital temperature control table to ensure the accuracy of the process parameters.

11. After the use of saccharification equipment should be timely rinse with water, saccharification pipes, plate heaters and wort pipes have to rinse.

12. Equipment process piping, cooling pipes, exhaust pipe is strictly prohibited to catch climbing climb.

13. Equipment downtime maintenance, should be off the power and hang warning signs.