Brewing Brewery Equipmens In The Brewing Process Need To Pay Attention To The Problem

  Brewing Brewery Equipmens in the brewing process need to pay attention to the problem

  With the people's quality of life requirements continue to improve, the hotel Brewery Equipmens more and more people are welcome, then, we have some understanding of the hotel Brewery Equipmens? For everyone to better understand the hotel Brewery Equipmens, then Xiaobian To tell you about the brewing equipment in the brewing process need to pay attention to the problem.

  Malt varieties and quality, well-dissolved malt, not only the enzyme content is high, and the decomposition of the endosperm cell wall is also more complete.Mach degree, if the coarse particles too much, the raw material is not easy to absorb water, while the relative surface area is small, is not conducive to the role of enzymes. incomplete.

  Brewery Equipmens is simple, easy to operate, Brewery Equipmens room temperature brewing. Brewing cycle is short, long shelf life, nutrition, fresh: At room temperature wine production is a pure beer beer, without filtration and high temperature sterilization, which retains the unique beer And the nutritional content of the brewing cycle only 4 - 6 days, the brewing of the shelf life of up to 3 - 6 months or more. Room temperature preservation: room temperature wine and low temperature wine process is the fundamental difference between the need to go through the raw materials → gelatinization → saccharification → boiling → filtration → the complex process of wort, Brewery Equipmens because the beer used for the processing of raw materials, "wort" can be directly watered fermentation, and no low-temperature operation, all the brewing process at room temperature, And can brew a good beer suitable for storage at room temperature.

  The effects of saccharification time and saccharification time are always associated with the saccharification temperature, and the effect of the enzyme is not uniform during the saccharification process, Brewery Equipmens and the effect of the saccharification time and the saccharification time is always related to the saccharification temperature. Of the pH value of the mash, the best PH value range of 5.5 to 5.6. Mash concentration, low concentration can dissolve more my extract, high concentration, can better maintain the enzyme activity, improve the fermentability Sugar content and the final fermentation degree of the actual production, the light of beer than the control of the material in the 1: 4 can be.