Brewing Brewery Equipmens Three Advantages And Uses

Brewed beer refers to their own brewed with small brewed beer brewed beer, because it is their own hand-brewing, not the industrialization of large-scale production of beer brewing, so called brewed beer, its production and some large brewery production Of the beer is completely different, then we look at the advantages and uses of small brewed Brewery Equipmens.

1, small brewed Brewery Equipmens is now brewed to drink, to maximize the beer to maintain the natural freshness and nutrition, rich in more than 17 kinds of amino acids, which contains eight kinds of essential and can not synthesize the amino acids, as well as More than eleven vitamins, especially other foods in the rare B vitamins; and, winemakers can be based on the different tastes of the guests were prepared red beer, yellow beer, fruit beer, black beer, to meet the different levels and taste Consumer demand.

2, small brewed Brewery Equipmens is a hotel, barbecue shops, restaurants, bars and other places of food and beverage production beer for their guests to enjoy the ideal choice. Beautiful exquisite luxury, small footprint, not only has a high viewing value, but also So that guests can see the whole process of beer production, enjoy the profound connotation of beer culture.

The equipment is divided into manual equipment, semi-automatic equipment, fully automated equipment, PLC control system equipment, All small brewed Brewery Equipmens is mainly semi - automatic.Our company based on years of experience, semi - automatic small brewed Brewery Equipmens is more suitable for dining and entertainment.

With the development of society, small brewed Brewery Equipmens applications are more and more extensive, the above description hope to help you.