Characteristics Of Beer Fermentor

Characteristics of beer fermentor

1. The amount of beer per unit area is large, and the cost of civil construction can be saved. 2, the yeast and other sediment can be easily discharged (relative to the daily can, the general pot, the storage tank);

3. It is convenient and effective to control the fermentation temperature. When the wort is fermented, the convection is good, the fermentation speed is fast, and the fermentation period can be shortened (compared with the horizontal tank and the fermentation tank).

4, carbon dioxide can be recycled and beneficial to beer taste stability and non biological stability (relative to open container);

5, it can be used in many ways, the production process is more flexible, the production process and operation are simplified, and the loss of liquor is also reduced.

6. It is simpler to make than the other fermentor;

7. It is convenient for automatic control, such as automatic cleaning and automatic sterilization, saving manpower and washing costs, and good sanitary conditions.

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