Cleaning Beer Fermenter Tank Specific Operation

  Cleaning Beer Fermenter tank specific operation

  1. Arrange the position of the nozzle,Beer Fermenter connect the various components, install the vacuum suction sewage pump, the bottom of the tank at the bottom of the tank.

  2. Raise the alkaline inlet valve, return valve, start with alkaline cleaning fluid cleaning, booster pump before the pump (vibration ring pump) 1 minute to open.

  3. Alkaline cleaning fluid cycle cleaning 1 cycle to ensure that the reflow temperature of not less than 6 ℃, after the closure of the alkaline inlet valve, mouth valve.

  4. Open the water inlet valve, drain valve rinse the beer fermentation tank 1 cycle, pH close to neutral, close the two valves. (As the case may be)

  5. Open the acid inlet valve,Beer Fermenter return valve, booster pump before the pump (circulating pump) 1 minute to open.

  6. After the acid cleaning solution is circulated for 1 cycle, close the alkaline inlet valve and return valve.

  7. and then open the water inlet valve, drain Yan wash the tank after 1 cycle, to be detected pH was neutral to complete the clean,Beer Fermenter close the two valves.

  8. After cleaning a beer fermentor, you need to add the medicine to the washing tank before cleaning (recycling) of the next tank.

  9. Alkaline cleaning solution to add the appropriate proportion of high-performance alkaline cleaning agent, caustic soda.Beer Fermenter (Depending on the quality of water may wish)

  10. Acid cleaning solution to add the appropriate proportion of efficient acid cleaning agent, penetrant. (Depending on water quality)

  11. Recycling the cleaning solution, after washing the 6 fermentation tank, need to re-preparation of cleaning fluid.

  12. When you encounter extremely difficult to clean the tank (dirt accumulation is too thick too much), can increase the concentration of cleaning fluid, increase the cleaning cycle.