Cold Band And Pressure Test Of Beer Fermenting Tank

The refrigeration of the beer fermenting tank:

The results of beer experts show that beer temperature is 10, and the foam is the most abundant, delicate and durable, with strong aroma and pleasant taste. To keep this wine temperature, the beer temperature should be properly adjusted according to the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is 25 C, the beer should be frozen to about 10 degrees C, and the ambient temperature is 35 degrees C, and the beer should be frozen best at 6. Beer dedicated refrigerator is dedicated to the cooling and cooling function of beer. CHY Wei beer special cold drink machine is mainly divided into single wine Road, double wine Road, three wine Road, belongs to the instantaneous refrigeration equipment, the machine is in the start state, can work at any time. Power consumption is very small, civilian 220V, power is 0.26KW, 0.45KW, 0.6KW. The price is 3800 yuan, 5600 yuan and 7800 yuan respectively. The main difference between several types of machines is that the type of beer and the type of wine are different at the same time. When the single wine road special cold drink machine is connected with the beer brewing equipment, it is best to use three links. For different breeds of beer, what kind of beer should be produced will open the wine head of the brewing equipment.  The double wine road special cold drink machine can produce two kinds of beer at the same time. It needs two or more flavors at the same time. It is better to use three common brewing equipment to connect. Three the special cold drink machine can produce three kinds of beer at the same time. The choice of different types of beer cold drinks dispensers depends on the size of the brewing equipment and the variety of the wine produced at the same time. The storage type beer refrigeration equipment has different models according to the storage capacity.

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