Correctly Adjust The Cooling Temperature Of Beer Brewing Equipment

Correctly adjust the cooling temperature of beer brewing equipment

If you want to brew a mellow beer with a brewery, you need to make the appropriate adjustments to the cooling temperature of the wort, and the wort composition, yeast performance, fermentation process, product range, production season, beer brewing equipment and equipment will So it is very important how the beer equipment adjusts the cooling temperature.

Summer should be adjusted in the 1-2 file, the spring and autumn should be adjusted in the 3 files around the winter should be adjusted in the 4-5 file, keep the freezer at minus 18 degrees, the refrigerator in 4-8 degrees between the most appropriate. 0 file for the standby file, the compressor will not work, beer brewing equipment but the refrigerator lighting can be lit; 1 file refrigerator the highest temperature, the compressor working time is the shortest and most power, the higher the temperature of the refrigerator will be more Low, but not a long time to adjust the most high-end, the most high-end is generally forced refrigeration, beer brewing equipment the compressor will always work without downtime, generally only for quick use of food for several hours, but not more than 4 hours. If you do not need to use the gear can be slightly raised a file or two files can be, if the urgent need to freeze can be temporarily adjusted in the most high-end, but not a long time to adjust the most high-end, to avoid the compressor overload and affect life.

In view of the low temperature of the wort, the yeast fermentation speed is slow, the fermentation time is longer, but the fermentation process is easy to control, the fermentation is more stable, the yeast is precipitated well, the beer taste is fresh, beer brewing equipment soft and the foam performance is also better.