Countermeasure Of Fermentation Abnormalities In Cone Fermentation Tank Of Brewery Equipmens

  Countermeasure of Fermentation Abnormalities in Cone Fermentation Tank of Brewery Equipmens

  Brewing Brewery Equipmens through continuous improvement and development, cone fermentation tank fermentation method gradually in the world to promote and use, the current domestic beer production almost all of this fermentation method. Today, Brewery Equipmens Xiaobian and share the Brewery Equipmens conical fermentation tank fermentation abnormal coping strategies.

  1, fermentation broth "somersault" phenomenon

  The main reason is due to improper opening of the cooling jacket, resulting in the upper part of the temperature and process curve deviation, the higher the middle of the tank, causing a strong convection fermentation. In addition, the pressure instability, a sharp rise and fall will also cause fermentation broth.

  Solution: check the instrument is normal; strictly control the cooling temperature, to avoid the upper wine temperature is too high; keep the tank pressure and stability.

  2, fermentation tank icing

  When the lower temperature of the tank and the process curve deviation of about 2 ℃, will make the temperature of the tank to reach the beer freezing point (-2.3 ℃ - 1.8 ℃), may lead to ice near the cooling zone.

  The reasons for icing: instrument failure, improper temperature parameter selection, thermal resistance installation location depth inappropriate, poor instrument accuracy, improper operation and so on.

  Solution: check the temperature measurement components and instrument error, in particular, to check whether the leakage of platinum resistance, Brewery Equipmens if the leakage should be baked after the paraffin seal or replacement; select the appropriate temperature measurement point location and thermal resistance insertion depth; strengthen process management, timely discharge of yeast ; Coolant temperature should be controlled at -4 ℃ - 2.5 ℃, can not be used -8 ℃ below the refrigerant liquid.

  3, yeast autolysis

  Reason: When the lower part of the tank temperature and the lower part of the temperature difference of 1.5 ℃ -5 ℃ above, will cause the yeast settlement difficulties and yeast autolysis phenomenon. The temperature of the yeast yeast is too high (16 ℃ -18 ℃), the maintenance time is too long, will also cause yeast autolysis, Brewery Equipmens resulting in yeast flavor, sometimes after the bubble sterilization of beer.

  Solution: check the instrument is normal; timely discharge of yeast mud; refrigerant temperature is maintained at -4 ℃, storage period, the middle and lower temperature maintained at -1 ℃ -1 ℃ between.

  4, drink beer after the "top" phenomenon

  Reason: the general alcohol in the higher alcohol content of more than 120mg / L, isobutanol more than 10mg / L, isoamyl alcohol content of more than 50mg / L, will cause after drinking "top" phenomenon.

  Solution: the use of high alcohol production of low yeast strains; appropriate to increase the amount of yeast to reduce the amount of yeast proliferation, Brewery Equipmens the number of yeast cells to 15 × 106 / ml is appropriate; control for 12 ° P wort α-amino nitrogen Content of 180mg / L ± 200mg / L or so; control wort dissolved oxygen content of 8mg / L-10mg / L; control of the fermentation temperature and tank pressure.