Fresh Brewed Beer Equipment

Fresh brewed beer equipment

German beer brewing equipment mainly has the following system:

1 malt crushing system

2, saccharification, boiling and filtration system

3. Fermentation system

4 、 temperature control system

5. Refrigeration system

6 、 CIP automatic cleaning system in situ

German beer brewing equipment with copper and stainless steel Seiko fine system, saccharification pot copper antique antique style, graceful and elegant, the equipment with electric heating, simple operation, no noise, no pollution. Our company can also according to the actual situation of the hotel to order beer equipment, make beer equipment to improve the quality of the hotel hardware. This wine shop, wine tasting bar and restaurant have become more and more popular in city life.

Hotel fresh beer machine is inevitable direction of future development of the catering industry, because with the improvement of people's living quality, changing people's consumption demand will increase to more nutrition, more health care, more natural, more enjoy the direction of quality, and because the brewed beer both in taste, nutrition or in consumer sentiment is a high-end bottled beer can not compete with them, more important is the Kim Hanson beer brewing equipment field craft, the scene consumption can be set without bacterial infection, not by a unique process system with filter and without high temperature treatment, without any additives and to really melt in one whole malt. Therefore, of course, the taste is more pure, fresher, more nutritious, more hygienic and reliable. In particular, the production process without any additives, is the real original flavor, all natural beer, can be called "beer boutique" in the boutique. At the same time, many developed countries in the world beer house can be seen everywhere, but also fully reflects the beer house in China's development prospects and vitality.

Beer brewed on the spot authentic placed a beautiful and luxurious hotel in the beer will be China catering industry a revolution and beyond, because this is not just a lot of capital investment, more important is the symbol of high technology investment and hotel image and strength, at the same time she has not only show the hotel image and strength, will also Chinese hotel with the rest of the world played the melody of the times.

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