Geometric Volume Of Conical Beer Fermentor

  Geometric volume of conical beer fermentor

  First, the volume of the tank is determined. The volume of the conical tank depends on the production capacity of the saccharification car. It is usually considered that the tank can control the full tank time for 20 hours or less, and the content of the ketone will increase by more than 12 hours. That is, the effective volume of the conical tank is generally 20 hours of saccharification cold wort yield, effective volume and total volume ratio of 0.8 ~ 0.85: 1.

  Height ratio of conical beer fermentor According to statistics, the current German cone is the use of the total height of 7.5m ~ 33m range, most of the 13m ~ 25m, diameter of 3.5m ~ 4.5m, more than 5m on-site production, the number of small. Height ratio from 1.5: 1 ~ 6.4: l have. It seems that the range of high diameter ratio is relatively large, but it is recommended for less than 4: 1, theoretically this value is conducive to tank fermentation liquid convection, yeast settlement effect is good.

  Fermentor cone angle, beer specifications require 60 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. It is recommended to use 60 ° C or 75 ° C. The size of the conical tank is affected in the engineering design. There are many factors in the form that should be considered:

  1. Saccharification workshop production capacity,beer fermentor the distribution of busy season: pay special attention to off-season production, individual plant season is more clear, so as to avoid the low season full tank time is too long, affecting the fermentation balance.

  2. Fermentation workshop area: available for use in the fermentation workshop area, taking into account the overhead space.

  3. Production of transport problems: the use of large diameter tanks by transport and other factors need to control the production site, both to increase the cost, but also consider the production plant to the problem.

  4. Economy: Generally,beer fermentor the cost of self-control elements of beer kegs of different sizes is the same. For the same size large-capacity tank production costs and construction costs and supporting pipelines, the corresponding investment can be saved.