Is Beer Fermenter A Pressure Vessel

Is beer fermenter a pressure vessel?

The main thing is to see your beer fermenter, there is no gas space, space, pressure is how many, you can determine. If there is no gas space, it should not be a pressure vessel.

1.3 scope of application

This procedure is applicable to pressure vessels with the following conditions:

(1) the maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa; (note 1-2)

(2) the product of work pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5MPa / L; (note 1-3)

(3) the medium containing gas, liquefied gas and the liquid whose highest working temperature is higher than or equal to its standard boiling point. (note 1-4)

The super high pressure vessel shall comply with the provisions of the "super high pressure vessel safety technology supervision regulations"; non - metallic pressure vessels shall comply with the provisions of the "non - metallic pressure vessels safety and Technical Supervision Regulations" provisions; simple pressure vessels shall comply with the "simple pressure vessels safety and technical supervision Regulations".

Note 1-2: working pressure means the maximum pressure (surface pressure) that the pressure vessel may reach at the top of the pressure vessel under normal working conditions.

Note 1-3: Volume refers to the geometric volume of the pressure vessel, which is calculated by the dimensioning of the design drawings (without considering the manufacturing tolerances) and rounding. Generally, the volume of the internal parts permanently connected to the pressure vessel should be deducted.

Note 1-4: when the medium in the container is the liquid with the highest working temperature below its standard boiling point, if the product of the volume of the gas phase space and the work pressure is greater than or equal to 2.5MPa. L, it also belongs to the scope of this regulation.

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