Raw Material Of Stainless Steel Storage Tank Is Difficult To Be Processed

Raw material of stainless steel storage tank is difficult to be processed

Stainless steel storage tank equipment raw materials, stainless steel in the production of a variety of factors leading to difficult processing.

The hardness of 1. stainless steel makes the tool wear faster and hard to chip out.

The low thermal conductivity of 2. stainless steel causes the plastic deformation of cutting edge and tool wear faster.

3. the chemical relationship between the tool and the processed material causes the hardening of the work and the low thermal conductivity of the material to be processed. It not only causes the unusual wear, but also causes the tool edge breaking and the abnormal fracture.

4. in the processing of stainless steel container equipment, the accumulation of debris easily cause the small piece of powder crumbs remain on the cutting edge, and cause bad processing surface.

The manufacture and design of stainless steel tank container equipment is practical and beautiful. The manufacturing process of stainless steel container is very important for the difficult processing of raw material stainless steel. Therefore, the improvement of processing technology is the key.

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