Stainless Steel Tank Product Replacement With The Market To Verify The Progress Of Its Development Can Be Divided Into The Following

Stainless steel tank product replacement with the market to verify the progress of its development can be divided into the following:

1.The first generation of products is copper tube disc type. The advantages of the disc is 360 ° heat transfer, energy efficiency is high; the disadvantage is the quality requirements of the copper tube high. If the purity of the copper tube is not enough, with impurities, it will be corrosive lead to leakage, brass perforation into the water, the compressor burned, the unit is almost impossible to repair. Early products are basically copper tube disc, good quality control survived, poor quality control of the brand has disappeared. To Tong Yi, Jinjiang, as the representative of the first batch of enterprises are basically from the copper tube to start the disc.

2.The second generation of products is water cycle. The advantage is that the stainless steel water tank has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and low installation cost. The disadvantage is that the energy efficiency is low and the mixed water is serious and the water is used effectively. Especially in the winter, the hot and cold water has a greater impact on the use. Tongyi in 2005 has been a lot of water cycle test and tracking test, the results show that the product is not suitable for large area to promote the application, so give up the water cycle.

3.The third generation of products is D-tube outside the disc. D-type tube outside the disc is the copper tube into D-shaped rear plate in the stainless steel tank on the outer wall. D-type outer coil has the advantage of copper tube in the tank outside the tank, do not touch the water, will not corrode, available thin-walled tube, the material cost is low; drawback is due to heat through the D-type copper tube to a plane Water tank liner stainless steel bile wall, and then by the stainless steel gallbladder wall to the water, the contact surface is small, the transmission speed is slow, energy efficiency is very low. National standards for the development of stainless steel water tank static heating COP3.4 is to take care of this product may be. There is constantly with the thermal expansion and contraction changes, a long time outside the coil and the tank liner contact with the tightness also changes, the heat transfer effect decreased year by year, the unit working pressure also increased year by year, D-tube Two corners due to uneven force in the long-term thermal expansion and contraction under the action easily broken, which is one of the reasons out. Chang Ling, Tong Yi and other brands of products have gone through the third generation of the process.

4.The fourth generation is a groove type outer disc type. With the D-shaped outer tube shortcomings continue to expose, in order to increase the heat transfer area to improve energy efficiency, to avoid the D-tube uneven force caused by the shortcomings of the market there are groove-type outer coil. Groove-type outer disc is the stainless steel tank liner into a wave type, brass plate in the groove, relative to the D-tube contact area has increased, but the maximum contact area is only 50%. Always through the stainless steel liner heat exchange, energy efficiency is still not ideal, but also because of the tank tank pressure tank technology needs, liner thinning, pressure groove process will also affect the quality of the welding port, affecting the life of the tank liner The Although the outer type of groove outside the disc type has improved, but still no fundamental change, its advantages are the same, the disadvantage is less D-tube corners of the rupture may be, but the tank inside the bruises Strain hidden can not be ignored.

5.The fifth generation of products is nickel-titanium alloy stainless steel disc type. Efficient energy-saving air is the biggest feature of the product, but also the pursuit of energy-saving products, and reliable and durable is the basic needs of all products. The application of nickel-titanium alloy stainless steel pipe in stainless steel water tank has been paid much attention. From the adaptability of materials to the feasibility of the development of the process, many enterprises and scientific research units can be described as the next foot. It has the advantage of strong corrosion resistance, long life, 360 ° heat transfer, energy efficiency is high (up to 4.0 or so); its drawback is that the thermal conductivity is worse than the copper tube, need to increase the coil length to increase the heat transfer area, To achieve energy efficiency. As the coil length, the unit is difficult to match the technology is relatively high. Water tank production process Stainless steel water tank is difficult, high cost.

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