Stainless Steel Tank Several Coloring Methods Introduced

Stainless steel tank several coloring methods introduced

First, the use of chemical dyes on stainless steel water tank coloring, mainly the use of chemical oxide film to color the problem, can be divided into: mixed salt method, acid, dichromate method, alkaline and curing methods, under normal circumstances The use of yin and judiciary is more, but if the number is relatively large, in order to ensure that the color can be more balanced, it is best to use the reference electrode to complete the inspection.

    Second, the electrochemical dye stainless steel tank coloring method, the main use of electrochemical oxidation, the formation of stainless steel water tank coloring.

    Third, oxygen ion chemical coloring of stainless steel water tank, stainless steel water tank placed on the vacuum coating, such as the strap, the common case of gold and titanium, etc., this method is more suitable for high-volume production and processing, Because of the relatively high cost of investment, it is not worthwhile to produce in small quantities.

    Fourth, high-temperature oxidation dyes, especially molten salt, when the workpiece is immersed for a period of time, the process parameters can reach a certain thickness of the oxide film, but also to show different colors.

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