The Basic Principle And Process Of Beer Fermentor

Take the fermentor used in the laboratory beer fermentation system as an example:

(1) beer fermentation tank body is cylindrical, and the bottom cover and top cover are saucer shaped or conical.

(2) to meet the necessary technological conditions for the growth and metabolism of yeast, provide a certain biochemical reaction time, and remove the bioheat released in the process of biochemical reaction in time.

You have to ask the basic principles and processes of beer fermentation.

Basic principle: after malt juice is prepared and cooled, yeast is added to the fermentor to start fermentation. Traditional technology is divided into pre fermentation and post fermentation, which are carried out in different fermentor. Now the popular method is to ferment in a tank. The former fermentation mainly uses yeast to convert maltose from malt juice to alcohol (that is, anaerobic respiration of yeast). After the fermentation, it mainly produces some flavor substances, eliminate the odor in beer and promote the maturity of beer.

Process: grinding, gelatinization, liquefaction, wort filtration, cooking, cooling, oxygenation, and fermentation.

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