The Development Of Stainless Steel Water Tank Can Be Divided Into Several Course

The development of stainless steel water tank can be divided into several course

1.The first stage can be said to be sprouting. To Tongyi, Jinjiang as the representative of several "pioneers cattle" brand in the market quietly work, in 2004 with the benefits of stainless steel water tank in the CCTV ads can be described as blowing the air industry can be the horn, like a thunderbolt Ring, wake up the market million. Part of the market sense of smell of solar energy companies began to enter the market into the cultivation period.

2.The second stage is the incubation period. Jinjiang, Tianshu and other brands have been put into advertising. 2006 with the benefits of the founder of stainless steel tank Huangpu military training courses, and held hot water energy ring activities. More and more brands appear, the national standard began to reform, the market in the cultivation of rapid development, large household electrical appliance enterprises have begun to enter.

3.The third stage is the growth period. Following the United States, in 2008 Gree air can debut, the United States, with the benefits of stainless steel tank to promote the work of a comprehensive start, Jinjiang, Tianshu and other brands also respond to participate in joint promotion activities, hot water and energy travel thousands of miles across the land Market awareness quickly improved, many well-known brands have responded to home appliances, even the international electric water heater giant AO Smith and Ariston also involved in the wave of air. "China Heat Pump Industry Alliance" was established, the formal implementation of national standards, the rapid development of the market.

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