The Method Of Grain Collocation In Brewing Brewery Equipmens

  The method of grain collocation in brewing Brewery Equipmens

  We all know that different food mix can be brewed different grades of different flavors of high-quality wine, below for everyone to introduce the brewing Brewery Equipmens wine matching method.

  The main basis of food collocation is different food wine tastes different, different characteristics, a variety of food can be used to avoid a single grain of liquor for the raw material flavor of a single, poor taste, making the taste of substances than other white wine is much richer. The food collocation of wine is important to master the ratio of different grains, and the process of ripening fermentation according to the characteristics of different grains or steamed or boiled.

  Here to introduce a common five-grain wine matching brewing method, the need for wheat, rice, glutinous rice, sorghum, corn 5 kinds of grain, in order to be able to highlight the taste, in fact, we do need seven kinds of food, these raw materials commonly used ratio and treatment methods are as follows: Brewery Equipmens Rice rice (rice) wine rice (glutinous rice) hundred points 20, yellow 10%, wheat 15%, sorghum 20%, corn 10%, buckwheat 5%. This is the basic proportion of wine grains, after the selection of food we can be fermented.

  Fermentation this step and everyone simply said, rice and glutinous rice soaked in 12 hours after the installation of the two-tiered energy-saving stainless steel steam liquor equipment inside the steam cooked, spare. Corn is cooked directly, and other grains are steamed through. These grains are very fastidious when cooked or cooked, and after the food is ripe, it cools to a certain temperature, and it can be fermented by adding high yield distiller's yeast. The wine that we brew is known as the much-grain wine, usually we are familiar with the Wuliangye is also a variety of grain brewing liquor, because each grain has its own unique advantages and taste, Brewery Equipmens so put together each kind of food fragrance can be distributed independently, people linger, difficult to put down the wine Cup.

  Grain is rich in starch, generally accounted for the food component of the $number, starch through the yeast into a fermented sugar, and then converted to ethanol, Brewery Equipmens so the higher the starch content of grain, the higher the wine rate.

  Sorghum brewed wine aroma and mellow aftertaste;

  Corn brewed wine sweet moist, round, soft and sweet cotton;

  The rice wine flavor is peaceful and dry, pure and net;

  Barley wheat, rye, oats brewed wine to bring incense, spicy sweet, hot but the head of the unique style.

  A variety of grain brewing liquor is certainly better than a single grain.

  The above is wine when the food collocation method, Xiao Bian also remind you to choose food, should follow the following principles: first, according to the local food main production varieties, the second is the local people's drinking habits, with different food brewing different flavors of wine as the basis, Brewery Equipmens the reasonable proportion of food to match, can be brewed in line with their own wishes of different flavors of wine.