The Purchase Of Commercial Brewery Equipmens In The Various Errors

  The purchase of commercial Brewery Equipmens in the various errors

  The purchase of fine Brewery Equipmens errors, then how to buy desirable equipment?

  1, from the brand point of view can choose domestic domestic brands, but the price is often high.

  2, from the perspective of word of mouth, you can choose to recognize some of the companies, such as consulting 10 individuals have 3-4 individuals recommend the same company, Brewery Equipmens said the company's reputation is not bad.

  3, from the price factors to consider, you can choose the size of the plant 2000 level -5000 level of the factory, low rent, management costs are low. But pay attention to quality and after-sales, we must examine the use of customer feedback.

  4, from the comprehensive cost advantage to consider, it is recommended to select some of the establishment of 3-5 years, the company employees 100 below, the Department of sound, well-managed enterprises, the quality of these enterprises into the development of a certain number of years, from the business just expansion and Development, tend to pay great attention to product quality and reputation, are rising period. In particular, Brewery Equipmens the company owner is responsible for technology or production, more secure.

  Second, the purchase of equipment in the errors

  1, only buy expensive do not buy right, the land can be free, expensive not necessarily for your own. A set of equipment on millions of investment, how long can recover the investment? How much wine can be sold to earn equipment?

  2, only to buy the cheapest, can brew on the line, I heard a fermented pot fried, Brewery Equipmens because there is no safety valve and no automatic exhaust valve, causing casualties, more harm than good!