What Are The Different Types Of Beer Making Equipment?

Beer making equipment can vary according to the type of brewing being done and the scale on which the beer is being produced. Home brewing kits are often quite small and compact, while industrial brewing supplies can take up entire warehouses. If a person intends to brew his or her own beer, however, beer making equipment can be bought in kits that include everything necessary to get started with the hobby. As a hobbyist progresses into brewing larger batches, new equipment can be purchased to make the process more efficient and much quicker.


The first piece of beer making equipment needed is a large vat for boiling water. Turkey fryers make a good choice for this purpose, as the fryer can raise the temperature of the water much more quickly than a traditional tabletop stove can. More advanced brewers may mount a beer keg on a metal frame with a large burner mounted beneath it to accomplish this task, though this is a more expensive set-up that will require modification of the keg barrel as well as the ability to build a sturdy frame for the keg. Water can be boiled on a stovetop, but this will take a significantly longer time.