What Are The Factors That Need To Be Considered In The Bar Beer Brewing Equipment?

  What are the factors that need to be considered in the bar Beer Brewing Equipment?

  The bar is the most crowded, beer sales of the most places, with the development of society Now more and more bars in the change of the previous business model, choose brewing beer equipment, so that drinkers in the taste of wine to enjoy the stimulation of taste buds at the same time You can see the process of wine. What factors do you need to consider when choosing a bar brewery?

  1, beer sales

  Select a set of beer equipment, the first to their own store sales of beer statistics, beer sales with seasonal, to the maximum daily consumption of alcohol, monthly alcohol has a certain concept to ensure that the season when the wine constantly.

  2, site conditions

  There are many cases that are limited by site conditions (water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, magnetic field, etc.). It is recommended that the site drawings and the surrounding environment be provided to the equipment suppliers. If conditions permit, the other personnel should be asked to visit the site first and provide the appropriate solution according to the site conditions.

  3, is expected to invest

  Invest in a bar or hotel, not only equipment, but also expected the late raw materials, water, electricity, personnel and other management fees. It is best and equipment manufacturers along with the local resettlement equipment prices, consumption levels in advance to do a cost-effective analysis, good investment plan.

  4, brewing species

  According to the geographical and different regions of the taste preferences are different, and the bar hotel in order to improve the competitiveness of the brewing can not only brew a beer, investors want the type of wine, the same decision equipment configuration, especially the fermentation system.

  5, the date of wine batches

  The brewing batch also determines the configuration of the equipment because the capacity of the saccharification system and the fermentation system can be doubled, for example, once the wine is once, the saccharification and fermentation capacity are the same, and the fermentation is twice that of the saccharification; Multiple can not be more than three times, according to ordinary technology, saccharification time is generally 8-10 hours, a day and night up to brew 3 batches, usually brew 1-2 batches. In order to reduce the initial investment risk, cost savings, choose multi-batch brewing is a good way

  6, brewing process

  If the investor has his own brewing process, be sure to introduce it to the supplier in order to provide a reasonable equipment configuration according to the brewing process.

  7, selling wine equipment

  Applicable to the bar Hotel in the sale of a wide range of equipment, the price difference is also great, combined with their own needs, choose a set of suitable.

  8, the beauty of the equipment

  Common, for the bar hotel equipment, especially the saccharification equipment, you can choose copper outsourcing or stainless steel outsourcing, there is a certain price gap, do not blindly follow, combined with their own decorating plan and store style, choose their own. Do store decoration, equipment style unity, in fact, the equipment is not a part of the store decoration it